I Shot Film And I Liked It

Markus and his camera.    Shot with a Canon EOS 1000FN and Helios 58mm f2 lens on classic tri-X

A few weeks ago I would have told you that film is dead and that photography as a medium had moved on, but after developing my first 36 negatives I can honestly say that I`m hooked and already ordering more rolls of tri-X. 

So how come I decided to try shooting film. Well I inherited a Canon EOS 1000FN a fairly modern analog camera from the mid nineties and a Carl Zeiss Ikon TLR camera from the fifties when my grandfather past away a few years back. I payed them little notice, I was to young and I didn`t really have much of an interest in photography. When I started getting in to photography seriously about 3 years ago my mom dug the cameras out of the closet for me. I thought they were cool but discarded them as old relics and not an option to actually shoot with.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I just started an photography eduction hoping to expand my horizons, meet fellow photographer and of course learn more about photography as an art form. What I didn`t realise was that I would be introduced to the darkroom and that most of the people in my class wanted to get in to the game. It did not take long for the idea to take root in my mind as well and before I knew it I had shot my first roll of tri-X with my Canon ,taken my Zeiss to be serviced in Copenhagen (still waiting for that beauty) and invested in better glass for the Canon to improve overall use. This lens is not any old fast prime it is a Helios 58mm f2 made in the former Soviet union and the optics are a copy of an even older Carl Zeiss lens. The lens just has a great way of rendering the background bokeh that is lovely.

As follows are the 30 best shots from the second roll I shot, the first needed colour processing and is soon ready for pickup at a camera store in Helsingborg. The pictures are all shot using the "new" lens on my Canon and have been edited very lightly in Lightroom.

I will be writing more updates in the coming weeks as more film is shot and processed so stay tuned.